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1) Child Care Licensing

The core mission of the Child Care Licensing Program is to ensure the health and safety of children in care. The Child Care Licensing Program strives to provide preventive, protective, and quality services to children in care by ensuring that licensed facilities meet established health and safety standards through monitoring facilities, providing technical assistance, and establishing partnerships with providers, parents, and the child care community.
It provides

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Preschool Foundations and Curriculum Framework

The California Preschool Learning Foundations describe competencies—knowledge and skills—that most children can be expected to exhibit in a high-quality program before entering kindergarten. As companion volumes to the foundations, the California Preschool Curriculum Framework present strategies for early childhood educators that enrich learning and development opportunities for all California preschool children.


3)First Five Humboldt

This site focus on children 0-8 in Humboldt County. This is a great place to find out what is going on with the children in Humboldt County, Education, training, Play groups, and MUCH MUCH MORE.
Find news, information, resources, studies, policies, links, and more about children 0-8 in the state of California. There is a lot of information on this site ready to be explored.