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Tuition Bills
We use an online billing system called Brightwheel. Once you have been enrolled in the program you will be sent an invitation to connect to your child's digital billing system. Bills will be distributed electronically as close to the the 1st of the month. Tuition payments are due at the by the 5th of each month. Families with subsidies/vouchers (Changing Tides) will pay the difference of the monthly charge and the subsidy. 
Payments after the 10th will be considered late. There will be a $25 late fee charged to your bill.
Payment Options
1) Online: 
Parent's will be notified through our online billing system, BrightWheel. This is an app based and web based program that you will have a login code to set up. Once you are part of the Brightwheel system you will be asked to set up your payment preferences. You can choose to connect a bank account or a credit card. Each of these will have a service fee. You may set up AUTOPAY or use the Click-to-Pay option on your bill each month. 
2) Classroom's Payment Box 
Grey payment box next to front door, hand to a staff member and they can drop it in for you. 
  • check 
  • money order
***payed to the order of Arcata School District. Put your child's name somewhere on the payment.
We do NOT except CASH.
3) Mailed: Check or money order
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