Enrollment Paperwork

The preschool will be closing June 2023. 
Welcome to the Arcata Elementary Preschool Enrollment process!
Missing or incomplete forms will slow down the enrollment process and can jeopardize your chances of receiving the open slot. Print one of each from below.
Filling out a packet and turning it in does not guarantee a slot. Once you have signed the Arcata Preschool Contract, you are guaranteed a preschool slot. 
There is a lot of information below, but we are here to walk you through it all.
Please call or email with any questions!


  1. Admission Agreement
  2. Physician's Report (Lic701)
    • This form needs to be taken to your child's CURRENT physician's office (in state), Contact them to set up a time to get it signed. Many will sign if your child has been to an appointment in the last year.
    • You AND the physician MUST sign.
  3. Emergency Identification Information(Lic700)
  4. Emergency Contact 
    • Make sure you add ALL phone numbers to reach you.
    • Emergency contacts: you need somebody OTHER than you in this section with a local working number.
    • Add all people that could pick up.
  5. Child's Health History Parent's Report(Lic702)
  6. Field Trip and Photo Release Form
    • Top half allows your child to go on local field trips. We will always notify you in advanced if we are leaving school campus.
      Bottom half allows us to post pictures of your child on social media (website, Facebook, etc), newspapers, advertisements, or other school publications.
  7. Personal Rights(Lic613A)
    • Informs parents what their rights are regarding their child at our center.
  8. Parent's Rights regarding the Center(Lic995)
    • Informs you where how to contact Community Care Licensing
  9. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment(Lic627)
    • Please list ALL medication allergies
  10. Handbook Agreement
  11. Covid-19 Enrollment Agreement
    • Policies and procedures in place during Covid-19
Family Handbook
Fill out Care plan: If your child has ANY medical needs: food allergies, medications, or Medical Condition that would require specialized care.
* Use the Consent to Administer Medication at Schooform if there are ANY medications to be held at school
* Use the Meal Modification form for any food allergies that require substitution. Please have Dr. List substitutions.