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Schedule Options, Tuition, Fees

Arcata Elementary Preschool offers a variety of schedules to best meet the needs of our families.
Options are based on availability. 
Each Child is CONTRACTED for their chosen schedule. 
(Drop off before 9 a.m. and pick up by/before contractual time)
Weekly Options
              Daily Time Options           
Full Time (7:45-5:45)
3/4 Time (7:45-3:30)
1/2 Time (7:45-12:30)

Registration Fee::
There is a one-time registration fee of $35 due at enrollment. 

Tuition is calculated on an annual basis with ten vacation/sick days built into the monthly fee. You will have an equal bill each month regardless of the days of operation in that month.
   Tuition Rate starting July 2020
M-F (Full day) 7:45-5:45      $940 month
M-F (3/4 Day) 7:45-3:30      $800 month
M-F (Half time) 7:45-12:30      $695 month
MWF (Full Day) 7:45-5:45      $570 month
MWF (3/4 time) 7:45-3:30      $495 month
MWF (1/2 Time) 7:45-12:30      $405 month
TTH (Full day) 7:45-5:45      $470 month
TTh (3/4 time) 7:45-3:30      $335 month
TTh (1/2 Time) 7:45-12:30      $295 month