Procedures and Policies » Behavioral and / or Dismissal Process

Behavioral and / or Dismissal Process

Staff members will make reasonable effort to work with the child and his/her family to resolve behavioral concerns. Physical or emotional abuse of another child or teachers, which is determined to be excessive or repetitious by the staff and director, will be grounds for dismissal.


It is our desire to help all children grow into exemplary individuals; however, we cannot allow a child’s behavior to inhibit others from reaching the program’s goals and objectives. In the event that a child's behavior becomes so extreme that s/he threatens the emotional and physical safety of the staff or other children, the following actions will be taken:

  • A parent conference will be scheduled. This meeting is an opportunity for the family and staff to work together to develop a plan to solve and or correct the problem in a constructive way. This can be a formal or informal conference, notes home, or phone call home, etc
  • After a reasonable amount of time will be given for improvement in the child’s behavior. Another parent conference will be scheduled to evaluate the child’s progress.
  •  If the behavior persists, and cannot be resolved to the Preschool’s and/or the parents’ satisfaction, it may be determined by the Director and staff that the program does not meet the child’s needs. The child may be terminated from the program.


Termination of Enrollment 

The Child Development Specialist/ Director reserve the right to terminate enrollment in the program for any cause. The first month of enrollment is a trial period, after the first month the Child Development Specialist will have the option to terminate enrollment or continue enrollment.


Children will be dropped from the program for any one of the following reasons:

  •      Failure to pay fees.
  •      Failure to complete enrollment forms
  •      Failure to sign child in/out.
  •      Failure to pick-up the sick or injured child when contacted.
  •      Failure to have current local emergency contacts with working numbers.
  •      Repeated late drop-off or pick-up of child.
  •      Parents’ non-support of or non-adherence to Arcata Elementary Preschool’s policies.
  •      Child's behavior endangers safety of other children. (See Policy and procedures. Termination may be immediate to ensure the safety of all children and staff).