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Policies & Procedures


Enrollment in the Preschool Program constitutes an understanding that you will abide by the policies listed as follows:


Section I:  Everyone’s Expectations of the Program


Parents/Guardians may expect that:

  •      Their children are cared for in a warm, safe, and supportive environment.
  •      They may visit the program at any time.
  •      They may meet with the Director/Child Development Specialist about any concerns relating to the child or the program.
  •      They will be informed about program activities through a variety of means including signs, newsletter, and verbal communication.


The Program expects that Parents/Guardians will:

  •       Pay fees on time as explained in Section IV. Fees and Payment Policy.
  •       Keep the child’s records up to date as explained in Section III. Registration and Enrollment.
  •       Pick up children on time as explained in Section IX – Section XIII
  •       Keep children home/ pick up child as explained in Section XIV. Health and Safety Policy
  •       Contact the program in the event that your child(ren) will not be attending.
  •       Pay attention to communications from staff concerning your child or the program.
  •       Provide your child a lunch. Section XV: Snack/lunch
  •      Give two week’s notice before withdrawing your child from a program as explained in Section VII.


Children may expect:

  •      To have a fun, safe, and caring environment.
  •      To use all the program equipment, materials and facilities on an equal basis.
  •      To receive respectful treatment from program personnel.
  •      To receive nurturing care from staff members who are actively involved with them.
  •      To have discipline that is fair.


The Program will expect that the children will:

  •       Be responsible for their actions.
  •       Respect the Preschool guidelines that guide them during the day.
  •      Take appropriate care of equipment and materials.
  •      Respect the rights of others to complete projects, activities, and rest.