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We have a large open classroom and our owe fenced play yard with green space.
We share the school library, dance room, and attend assemblies in the elementary school cafeteria.  
Classroom Space
Our classroom features...
Large Rug time (circle time) area:
We use this space for our daily large group time. We can be seen dancing, singing, reading books, felt stories, counting, discovering science, sharing weekend news, doing the calendar, pre-reading games, and so much more.
Circle time is a great way for preschoolers to get a sense of community with other kids their age and enhance their social skills and improve their attention span.
Science area:
 Children discover colors, textures, cause and effect, and many STEAM activities in our Science center. We rotate seasonal discoveries (leaves, flowers, shells, seeds) as well as physical science (does it roll, how far can it roll, is it magnetic, and many more). 
Dramatic Play:
This area is rotated throughout the year into different themed areas. It might be a house, post office, laundromat, office, campsite, space station, doctors/vets office, fire station, mechanics shop, bakery, and so much more. 
      dramatic play area
We use a variety of blocks that both link and stack to develop large motor growth, planning, and cooperative play.
Tables Time:
Besides snack and lunch we use the table area for small group activities. These activities rang in academic to creative play. We have a variety of projects to engage a diverse group of abilities and interests.
Outside Play Yard:
You will see climbers, garden, bike path, tires, green space, large sand box, and beautiful redwood trees that provide shade during outside play. Most of all, you will see and hear child lead exploration, creativity, and FUN.
Elementary School rooms:
School Library:                                                                        
 Dance Room:
Kindergarten wing (used during the summer when preschool floors are waxed!):