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Mission and Philosophy


Mission Statement


Arcata Elementary Preschool offers a dependable, quality preschool program in a safe and caring environment. 



Vision Statement


Arcata Elementary Preschool will  provide a caring, nurturing, stimulating environment that promotes physical, social, and mental growth for all participants. We provide quality, affordable care that allows for input from staff, parents, and the children in order to consistently improve and create a dynamic program. We recognize the uniqueness of the individual child, family and the community in which we reside. It is our goal to meet the varying needs of preschool children, support families, and build a strong school community.


Program Goals

According to the State, the program goal of a Child Development Program is to provide an efficient and effective preschool, as determined by community needs, offering a full range of services in a safe, healthful, and nurturing environment for children ages two and a half to five. There are six key dimensions:


1. Standards, Assessments and Accountability - to ensure that all educational programs are based on high and challenging standards are accompanied by a process for monitoring and determining effectiveness.


2. Teaching and Learning- to ensure that all students are provided with integrated and coordinated programs based on student needs and educationally sound and acceptable educational practices.


3. Opportunity (equal educational access)to ensure that all students have equitable access to, and opportunity to participate in and benefit from, high- quality curricular and extracurricular activities


4. Staffing and Professional Growthto ensure that students have access to qualified teachers, administrators, and other staff members .All educators have access to high-quality professional growth opportunities.


5. Parent and Community Involvementto ensure that parents and members of the community, including business, industry, and labor, have the opportunity to assist in and support the educational process through participation in decision making, training and volunteer activities, and through the creation of partnerships


6. Governance and Administrationto ensure that all schools conduct high-quality programs that are effectively managed and operated within appropriate legal parameters.