Preschool Enrollment during COVID-19

Due to the current Humboldt County 'Shelter In Place' ordinance all child care centers are limited to 10 children per classroom. 
When/ if the county changes this number we will be enrolling more students off our wait list. 
The preschool has an approved plan or operations from the Humboldt County Health Department.
We are doing many things to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 such as: (not a complete list)
  • small group of students and teachers
  • Staff wear face masks at all times and students wear face masks indoors
  • Health screening with a temperature check at the door (temp. checks through the day)
  • Only students and staff enter the building
  • Disinfecting all toys and surfaces regularly  
  • limiting number of students playing in an area of the classroom (social distancing)
  • Individual supplies for play dough, art tools, writing, etc
  • Individual water bottles for classroom use
  • Providing all meals on site